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Track Name: Our Efforts
Are you the master of your world? Or a slave to others and society?
Desperation is a beautiful thing. When one has nothing, one will strive.
We cannot win all of the time, so embrace your struggles as you do your
Dear friends. They will teach you everything about overcoming.
Defeat is in the mind. Your weight of wealth in spirit is worth more than any
Earthly possession. So, let your efforts be an extension of a new found life!
It is not shameful to say you've tried. As long as that is not where your efforts die!
Laziness is the enemy! We will not give in to mediocrity. So save yourself from
The pity of others and pick yourself up and try...TRY AGAIN!
Track Name: A Place To Dwell
I found home in the darkest corners of the mind.
I've felt at home when I was doing crime.
Home is an illusion. Home is just a bottle away in whiskey and whine.
I've been kicked out of so many homes, so many times.
Home is a bastard son who's doing just fine.
You are not alone....This is a place where I dwell...
In the streets, in the blood and in the grime.
Home is shelter. Home is nothing more than security in your vices.
They are your reality! Some of us are still searching for a home.
Some of us are still searching for our dignity.
Have you found your home?
Never forget where you came from and never lose track of
Where you're going. No matter our differences
We all share a common home...