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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
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flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Fugazi, Henry Rollins, mewithoutyou, Quicksand, Touche Amore. What do these groups all have in common? Brutal honesty, and being in your goddam face. This is introspection in an EP. Check out our full review on Favorite track: Fair and Unbalanced.
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Thoughts and Perspectives:
Is a conceptual ep analyzing life in the mind, present day in america and beyond. The battle between positive and negative emotions in our ever so propagandized information world.

All Music: Written, Recorded and Produced by Brandon Delisio
All Lyrics, Art work: Conceptualized and Drawn by Felix Caban



released April 19, 2013

Life Inspired Ent. #1



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


RHETORIC Springfield, Massachusetts




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Track Name: Fair and Unbalanced
. ‘Fair’ And Unbalanced Majority
Fox News alert! The terror color for today is black, meaning stay behind closed doors. Don’t eat. Don’t sleep. Just let the video propagandize you. Let it marinade and materialize in your brain. No need for a proper source because your information is gained and instilled by fear. The contrivance of views influenced by the “elite” to brainwash, scare and confuse sold to you tonight as truth (for ratings). There’s a chance of rain, high in ignorance with a chance of clouded reason. Has the media lost all interest in what is true? Or have they always been in the business of selling opinion? They disregard. They fail to educate. Emphasized by an unwillingness to integrate neutral coverage especially on issues of race. The news won’t tell you how our war destroyed a whole country’s history. An ignored destruction that denies a group of peoples their right to a culture. A topic we should speak on! But they dictate how you should think and feel. What stories to hide and how to make the preposterous ones real. Glamourized episodes of spoiled-rich, teens makes me want to smash the generation under me but they need to be properly reached. While the epidemic of technological infatuation robs the world blind of an interest in reality. And pushes all the important issues behind the scenes. Where is the honor in the journalism of today? As a culture we are so naive to the information relayed, so we shall remain the catalyst for mental enslavement through corporate television and greed. We have all been programmed to accept it and I still don’t know
Track Name: In the Throes of Corporatocracy
. In The Throes Of Corporatocracy
Yeah, lets just let the Wal-Marts and Exxons run rampant in this world. Yeah lets bail out big banks and jail those in opposition to the worldwide enterprise of booming, big business. Is this what we’ve become? Or are we what we’re supposed to be – greedy, war-like, a deceptive species without control? Where is the order to the chaos of our day-to-day lives? Deliberately stripped of our potential and creativity so American clothes can fit right and American cars just look nice. We live like this is the only way. There isn’t enough aid to feed the hungry or clothe the poor. Millions dying of curable diseases but we’ll keep on. And I can be certain of one thing they’ll keep on poisoning our water! As a matter of fact, the fact of the matter is B.P. still flows as does the affected waters in which they bore their holes. So in turn we line their pockets with green ‘Thank you’ notes. There’s filthy, greedy, hands behind every big scam. We won’t stand for this anymore! It is the power we let them have that they are using to control us all. And they will never give it back. But would you? This is what you’ve become – corporate slave! And is this what we’re supposed to be filthy consumers? History is exacting. History has warned us before, with greed comes turmoil. So will we let these companies abuse the resources of our world? As you and I sit and work for all the money spent on wars on bailing out these billion dollar organizations while they laugh and say, “Yeah, I’ll destroy ecosystems for an oil field.” How can we sit and idly watch impoverished countries burn and starve? “Yeah, I’ll destroy native cultures for an oil field. Yeah, I’ll stab this country in the back if it’s for a better deal.” We’re in the throes of corporate greed. We are in the throes of corporate American…
Track Name: Shame On Our Existence
Shame On Our Existence
Greed is a motivating factor for the murder and killing of children around the world. They are dying for reasons I’m still searching for answers to. While funding costly wars the corporate force hurries children in Malaysia to make the clothes for Baby Gap and starve entire cities in the process. While we give our kids 360s and McDonalds to keep them fat. We prostitute our own morality for luxuries we can’t afford. Run for your life! Run for your life! This system is all strife so I need more pills to sleep at night ‘cause that’s when the real horror begins. I don’t know if it’s the booze or P.T.S.D. that has me all strung out but I’ll tell you one thing, we got to keep the minorities out of our country! Work horse at night and slave all your life. “But with my new I phone I can finally see the light!” I swear I’m not a puppet. You’re materialistically enslaved and it’s a shame. What are we waiting for? What are we working for? They have us believing that their way is the only one. What are we waiting for? And why are we working for a bunch of degenerate, self-righteous, cowards, who care nothing of our worth but only their profits. What are we working for? And why are we waiting to create the society in which we so crave to exist? Why are we waiting to create it ?
Track Name: Modern Age
Modern Age
Where do I stand in this modern age of industrial slaves? Middle class and under paid, over drugged and over weight. Food is diabetes and TV reality is supposed “real” stories casting losers making money. And it doesn’t end there. I’m up to my throat in debt and I’m being played by my job and my government. Can I even find a person that is real? When will this world ever come up for air? Where do I stand? It doesn’t take much to realize that our infrastructure is fortuitously doomed for demise. Unless we analyze the current times ‘cause you and I, we the people are being demoralized. One must be vigilant against these predators of hearts and minds. So where do I stand? We need to analyze the current times ‘cause the food supply for you and I will soon die out. Stand firm in these crucial times against any predators of your heart or of your mind. So where do you stand? It better not be up against the wall ‘cause that’s where they have us all. The endless search for power and money. Where instead of chasing dreams we’re all chasing shit. We have our hands out endlessly searching for the new 4g phones, an endless clothes list. A weak economy, does it really exist? I’ll tell you one thing the political lies they will persist. They’re selling us out. They’re selling you and I out for power. Ask yourself, “Where do I stand?” Where do you stand in this world? We must transcend society and manifest our true destinies. So I question the motives of the men that move this world. And if it is cause for me to rise and fight against these tyrants who destroy life. Through this all men will know that I will not falter for a guise of truth or equality but make firm the ground on which I stand.
Track Name: Black Clouds
Black Clouds
Where has our sense of morals gone? Washed away?
They have declared a war on open minds. I speak of modern man and the culmination of technology, which sets the standard for utter disregard and haughtiness. What we have still isn’t enough for us. What will it take to appreciate? But don’t we all take something for granted? Like…Earth, ethereous in all of her beauty. Protectorate of this species. Providing me with forest to escape life’s monotony. Aesthetical beauty within. The complexity of the sky whether day or night. Different soil. Different regions. Natives that once used plants as medicinal remedies have all been replaced by Tylenols. All of which have helped men to grow. We’ve taken things for granted! As each day may pass the home in which I dwell and the shoes on my feet seem ‘normal’ to me. For living a day without the most common of luxuries may infuriate some as it may me. Like, a bowl out of which to eat. My brothers overseas who fight so I am free to sing. With the cause I may not agree but there is never a day when I’m in fear of an I.E.D. I’m taking things for granted! Meanwhile, others suffer without retreat. Imagine a life where you are force-fed your beliefs. Where hard work is measured by laboring in back alleys and sweatshops. In hopes that tonight may be the night in which maybe you and your family can eat. And as corporate America schemes the ghettoes are claiming adult and youth life in the streets of our cities. Be glad you aren’t homeless or in chains. Nonetheless I don’t want to hear about all your new clothes or how many cars you own. It’s our ungratefulness that sickens me. Can we put this to rest? Our selfishness and barbaric actions we inflict and practice. We take for granted the many chances to change our ways. We take for granted! We cut ourselves short.
Track Name: Universal Thoughts And Perspectives
Universal Thoughts And Perspectives
Weeping for change. We beg for change. We must find resilience in each other.
So where is our resilience?
Track Name: Pathways
Guided by inspiration I live by a code of faith and strength. Which no man could ever break! Guided by passion I seek knowledge from wherever it hides. Life has so many pathways to explore. Though we bear so many flaws time will heal them all. It’s the intellect that cannot be ignored. Surely I will not yield to just anyone’s thoughts. I champion a life without a false cause! Sorry if it seems like I am excluding myself. I’m just exuding passion and dedication for what I love.
Track Name: The Pursuance of Dreams
The Pursuance Of Dreams
Even in suffering I can still find beauty and life in our dying world. So with this knowledge I make my goals absolute and direct. Inspired and full of strength. Vigorous and unrelenting is my passion as I abstain from ignorance and from those who pursue it. This dream is worth the time and effort so I’ll keep on sacrificing. No job could ever hold me ‘cause my happiness is based on feel and that is my life and that is real. This is me exacting how I feel. Steel your mind. Nurture yourself. For if the road ahead may crumble. I will be the foundation to steady my path in honor of my dreams. This is me exacting how I feel. Do not fall prey to other’s mediocrity. In honor of all that is real. In honor of those who laid the groundwork. Every day grants me the chances to achieve greatness. Now is the time to act! This passion gives me the proper motives to speak my mind! There is not a goddamn thing that I would change about my current state. For every struggle and every obstacle is perfect territory. Only death can stop one’s pursuance of dreams. No man will stop my pursuance of dreams. Pursue your dreams!